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Etero Pride Association is the first non-profit organization that wants to deal with issues related to family , gender and sexual orientation, in terms of straight, and at the same time being against any form of homophobia , discrimination or prejudice. Also was created to analyze the path of the family and heterosexual couples from the '60s to today to assess the evolution of rights and duties in the world straight.
The Birth of Gay Pride is an event that has created a space , a moment of debate inside and outside the institutions. One can therefore say that homosexuality has been widely and consistently addressed , while you can not say the same with heterosexuality . The latter is in fact perceived as an obvious , obvious, almost in the background. This is all wrong . Indeed, very wrong . The issues revolve around heterosexuality are numerous totally in flux and constantly changing .

What was once a silent minority ( represented by gay , lesbian , trans, ... ), now with intelligence and initiative succeeds in a fun and challenging to be able to argue and discuss their legitimate claims .

Heterosexuals , which official estimates should be more or less than 92.5% of the world population , are taken for granted by the media and institutions , thinking that they do not have problems or needs .
Absolutely false . To understand how this is not accurate enough to observe , dal'900 today, the profound changes that have characterized the society, the family and the couple .

Etero Pride wants to be a place of discussion for the family, for boys and for girls.
The intention is to join the company whenever the issues are dealt with at its base (family , marriage, children , adoptions , ...). Unite it , not divide based on alignments : Catholic rather than atheistic , right instead of the left, black rather than white . Everything in our society is absurd ! These issues must be dealt with without fans from opposing attitudes .

All this is also true , of course, for the Gay Pride . Straight and Gay Pride must therefore work together, side by side and hand in hand, to know each other better , discuss , propose and clarify .

Therefore, we say to our friends of the Gay Pride ... sorry for the delay !